Steam And Foot Detox

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Steam And Foot Detox

The perfect combination!

Colon Hydrotherapy not only clears the Large Intestine of unwanted waste it also hydrates the body. The water infused during the treatment takes the place of the waste and it gets circulated through the body, just like the toxic waste would be. After the procedure you will be urinating that excess water for the following couple of hours and then normalizing back to your usual frequency of urination but before that happens, is the perfect time to do a Foot Detox. While all this water is in your body the toxic debri is more fluid and accessible for elimination. Placing your feet in a warm water tub that contains ions will attach to the toxic particles in the body and then bring them sea salt and an electronic device that generates a mild non perceptible current creating a condition similar to quilation, where the out as they are pulled by the positive charge outside the body in the water tub. That is the way the Foot Detox happens while you are comfortably sitting for approximately 30 minutes.

Foot Detox can also be done without a Colonic. In its place we will expose your feet to a nice warm steam for 10 minutes to allow the pores of the feet to open and absorb the water. During and before the Foot Detox we will also serve you room temperature water to make sure you are properly hydrated. This will facilitate the work of the Foot Detox making your body the perfect environment for detoxification.

There are some contraindications for the Foot Detox treatment. You should not do a Foot Detox:
1. During pregnancy.
2. After organ transplant.
3. When you have a metal implant.
4. The feet have open sores or cuts.
5. Under 10 years of age.
6. If you have a heart monitor or pacemaker.
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