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Port Washington Colon Hydrotherapy offers professional reflexology services to customers in the Queens, NY area. You can feel confident in knowing that our satisfied customers often refer our reflexology services to their family, friends, social media circles, and others. We are proud to have many returning and new referral-based customers.

Reflexology is an alternative healthcare technique that consists of a variety of massages used to treat illness and injury and relieve tension. The procedure is based on understanding and utilizing the reflex points found throughout your body.

A trained and reputable reflexologist knows that these points are located on your hands, feet, ears, and head. The individual points are connected to various areas of your body. Reflexology opens energy channels in a malfunctioning body part and thereby helps to relieve your tension and ease your pain.

Your reflexologist will find out which reflex points to address during your initial consultation. Your medical history, current lifestyle, and other factors will be utilized to allow our reflexologist to develop a customized reflexology treatment program. As an example, if you suffer from lower back pain, your body may have blockages that can be freed by applying pressure to the reflex points located on your foot.

Reflexology is an interesting technique, and our experts love to share their insights into this fascinating procedure. We firmly believe a well-informed customer possesses the knowledge to take control of his or her own health. We will show you how to apply self-reflexology techniques to help you achieve the best health possible.

Enjoy the wonders of reflexology in the Queens, NY area by discussing your needs with the experts at Port Washington Colon Hydrotherapy. Get started today!

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